I couldn't wait to get away from Lakeview, Oregon. I couldn't wait to leave the 1,500 people I had known my whole life. I couldn't wait to pack my bags and peace out. 

So I did. 

I went to Texas. I went to London. I went to France. I went to Italy. I went to Scotland. I went to Panama. I went to Georgia. I went to South Carolina... 

Then I met Jesus, and He sent me back home. 


Lydia M. lives and works in a tiny town -population 99- located on the California/Oregon border where her family owns-operates a sustainable cattle ranch. After graduating college from Texas Christian University in 2015, Lydia soon decided she wanted to be closer to her family and moved back to her rural roots. Utilizing her love of Jesus and a degree in Writing, Lydia has dedicated herself to writing about living and working to glorify God through everyday life. The mission of The Hometown Missionary is to share The Gospel and to dig deeper into our place as followers of Christ regardless of where we find ourselves on our own journey. 

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