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Here at The Hometown Missionary we believe that every person has unique insight, inspiration, and ideas to share.  With that, we desire to have many different voices from all walks of life represented on this site! So, we invite you to submit articles that you feel would fit with our mission and ministry... 

Please remember, this is a Christian blog, and your article will need Biblical foundation and display rooting in the faith. 

We publish submissions on a case-by-case basis and take all submissions seriously. Based on the following guidelines, and please submit your article using the form below:

Guest Posting Policy

By submitting information to The Hometown Missionary, you grant The Hometown Missionary license and permission to use, modify, publish, circulate, and exercise all copyright and publicity rights, including storing it on The Hometown Missionary archives and servers for present and future use.

If you do not wish to grant these rights to The Hometown Missionary, do not submit information to this site.

The Hometown Missionary reserves the right to select, make changes and edits to submissions, and to remove submissions from the website at any time at our discretion.


Desired topics* for articles are listed below:

  • Church Culture
  • Family Affairs 
  • Addiction
  • Quiet-Time Ideas/Inspiration
  • Depression
  • Testimonies 
  • Dating Advice/Godly Dating
  • Single Life/Encouragement 
  • Finding Joy in Struggle (Testimony) 

* You may submit posts that do not specifically relate to these topics- However, please keep in mind that these topics are specifically desired to fit our outreach mission. 


  • Your article must be original, and it cannot be previously published in any capacity.
  • You may not publish the article anywhere after submission, including your own blog or website.  You may, however, post a link to the article directing readers to The Hometown Missionary.
  • Your article must be at least 500 words long and no more than 1000 words.
  • Please include a brief summary about yourself at the beginning of the article (approx. 150 words).
  • Use proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
  • Posts must be written or translated to English before submission. 
  • Give credit when necessary and do not plagiarize photos or content. 
  • Understand that your article will be edited for structure, spelling, grammar, and content. If we feel your article could be made stronger, we will make edits and send the article back to you for confirmation. 
  • Understand that our author may provide her insight in addition to your post.
  • You must provide a title for your article.
  • You must provide tags for your article.
  • You must be prepared to submit one high resolution photo to accompany your article. If the photo does not belong to you, be prepared to give credit to the photographer and provide proof of permission for usage on The Hometown Missionary.* 
  • Understand that submitting an article does not guarantee publication on our site.

* The Hometown Missionary will contact you regarding a photo submission if your article is accepted for publication on our site.  

Terms and Disclosure

The Hometown Missionary reserves the right to edit any article if chosen to be published. The Hometown Missionary will provide no compensation guest articles that are submitted and/or published at any time regardless of article success or distribution. We reserve the right to deny publication of any article and are not obligated to disclose those reasons to the author at any time.

Outside Posting/Links

With our permission you may link to The Hometown Missionary or any post on The Hometown Missionary. You may also use up to 300 words of a post as an introduction as long as it is linked back to the original post on The Hometown Missionary. Without permission from The Hometown Missionary you may print up to 50 copies of our content for internal distribution. 

Without our permission you may NOT use content on The Hometown Missionary for reprinting, sales, promotions, or any other retail distribution. You may NOT build upon or use our content for your own publication at any capacity without written consent from our founder. 


By submitting a guest article for review, you are agreeing to the terms outlined in this Guest Posting Policy. If you have any questions, please contact us BEFORE you submit your article for consideration! 

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