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Travis Cottrell has been the worship leader for Beth Moore's Living Proof Live events for the past EIGHTEEN years, and if you've ever attended one of those amazing weekends you know that there is a reason Beth chose Travis! With a heart for the Lord, a life-long passion for music, and a calling for ministry, Travis' worship sessions are truly a movement of God

When my mother and I attended Living Proof Live in Ontario, CA she made a comment about how it was so apparent that Travis is truly in-tune to what is happening around him. Instead of simply singing a couple songs and then giving the floor to Beth Moore, Travis Cottrell is actively involved in the ministry of Living Proof Live! He listens to Beth's teachings, builds off of them, contributes to the lesson, and then provides a musical experience that moves you to your core.  

With hard-hitting, Biblical, and beautiful songs, Travis and his worship team bring their hearts to the stage every time they worship. If you haven't attended a Living Proof Live with Beth Moore, I highly recommend that you find the next conference near you... And come ready to worship the Lord with ALL your heart! 

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I love to listen to Hip-Hop and Rap, but since asking Jesus to takeover my life I have struggled to find music that lifts me up spiritually. For a long time the only Hip-Hop artist that I felt able to listen to was LeCrae (who is amazing), but when I discovered the artist known as "NF" I was so excited! 

NF uses his childhood trauma and experience to create hard-hitting and soul-stirring Christian music that praises God through deep lyrics and hyped beats. After finding Jesus, NF's life was changed and his music reflects that thankfulness for our Savior. Also, through NF's music I have been introduced to several new Christian Hip-Hop and Rap artists that he collaborates with... Honestly, thanks to NF's music I have a whole new playlist that I can jam to and worship to! 

With his latest album release still hot on the Billboard Charts, NF is gearing up for a nationwide tour and you need to find the nearest tour stop to you! 

Learn more about NF and the upcoming tour here

Hillsong United



First off, if you haven't ever heard the song Oceans by Hillsong United, you need to stop EVERYTHING you're doing and listen to it immediately. Second, if you haven't added every Hillsong United song ever recorded to your worship line-up, you need to do that too! 

Hillsong United is a worship group that was formed as part of the Youth Ministry of Hillsong Church. Over the past decade and a half, Hillsong United has taken the world by storm with their powerful worship and their unabashed surrender to the Holy Spirit. I was blessed to worship with Hillsong United live during their Empires Tour this past May, and it was hands down one of the most glory-filled moments of my life. I was literally on my feet worshiping the Lord at the top of my lungs for FOUR HOURS, and I would have gone ALL NIGHT if they had offered. 

If you ever have the chance to see Hillsong United live, don't miss that opportunity. However, until their next tour is announced, you can get all their music through their website HERE!

Lauren Daigle - How Can It Be



When I tell you that this amazing woman's CD is playing constantly in my house, my car, and my office, it's not an exaggeration. Since the first time I heard Lauren Daigle sing her song "First" on Spotify, I've been following her music. I had the pleasure of seeing Lauren live when I went to see Hillsong United in Portland, Oregon this past May, and she filled my heart with so much desire to seek the Lord it brought me to my knees. With a deep and soulful voice, Lauren takes worship to a new level, and with an array of both Christian and mainstream music awards piling up on her resume she is definitely a must-have on any playlist. 

Visit Lauren's website to purchase her CD: