Dove Fest- Medford, Oregon

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If you love worship music, the great outdoors, and being surrounded by God's glory, Dove Fest is an absolute must for your family next summer! Hosted in Medford, Oregon at the outdoor amphitheater, Dove Fest is an all-day worship festival (with tickets as low as $25) featuring some of the biggest names in Christian music. After attending this event once, I know we will be going back again! 

With names like Jeremy Camp, MercyMe, Family Force 5, and Crowder playing their hit songs to a crowd full of Jesus lovers, Dove Fest is an experience the entire family will love. Plus, there are food trucks at the event (who doesn't love that), tons of Pacific Northwest outdoor activities in the area, and lots of time to just relax while listening to some great music. Trust me, you're going to want to keep an eye out for when these tickets go on sale! 

Search "Dove Fest Medford" on Facebook or in Google to stay up to date for next year's event! 

Living Proof Live with Beth Moore



Wow. Just WOW!! 

My mom and I attended Living Proof Live with Beth Moore in Ontario, California and we were set on fire with new passion for Jesus! Beth is like a lady tornado filled with the Holy Spirit, and she brings Truth to that stage with her. Even though we had to travel across several states to get there, this experience was so worth it in every single way. 

Along with Beth Moore's amazing teaching, worship with Travis Cottrell was phenomenal! His worship team is so alive with the love of Jesus and he is totally in tune to what is happening around him as he leads. Consistent worship at events like these truly make it or break it in some cases, and Living Proof Live takes that aspect of their ministry seriously.  

Every single message from Beth is new and "untested", which means no matter where you attend you'll be getting a message that God has laid directly on Beth's heart for YOUR city. Mixed with love, genuine honesty, passion for the Scripture, laughter, and a whole lot of Southern Belle lessons, Living Proof Live is something you   NEED  to attend! You won't regret it. 

 Visit Lifeway to get your tickets to see Beth Moore LIVE!