The Best Yes- Lysa TerKeurst

I'll admit, the reason I bought this book was because it was on sale at my (then) local Lifeway store and it looked pretty... But, after reading The Best Yes by Lysa TerKeurst, I can assure you that this book is more than just a pretty cover! 

I'm not the type of person who says "yes" to everything, but this book had some hidden gems all throughout that helped me realize how important it is to listen to God's timing in our lives. Whether you're the busy-bee who says "yes" to everyone and lands herself in a mess or you're a more organized planner who calculates every move, Lysa TerKeurst uses her eloquent and relatable writing to walk us all through how powerful and meaningful both "no" and "yes" can be for our lives. 

With real-life stories, well written chapters, and Biblical foundation, I recommend this book for all Christian women- Young, old, single, married, mothers, daughters, college students, grandmothers, and everyone in between... The Best Yes is a definite "YES!" for your bookshelf! 

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Hitched in a Hurry- Karley Kiker

Most of the book reviews I post on this page are directly (and obviously) Christian books. Whether it's inspiration from authors like Kristen Strong, Lysa TerKeurst, or even Beth Moore, the books that I recommend here are very much geared towards the Christian woman. 

However, today I'm sharing a book with you that I actually had no idea was written by a very strong Christian woman until I opened it up for the first time! As most of you know, I'm in the middle of planning a quickly approaching elopement, and I've been under a lot of pressure because of it... So, when I saw this book I knew I needed it as a resource! The author, Karley Kiker, and I started chatting and she offered to make me her new Brand Representative for the summer! I still had no idea she was so strong in her faith, but I was excited nonetheless...

Once my book arrived in the mail I sat down immediately to start reading. I was so blessed to find that almost every single page gave glory to God! Karley gave credit to Jesus in her acknowledgements, she gave glory to God when talking about her new husband, and she encouraged women to pursue a lasting marriage that centered on Christ-like love. While I may have been excited to be Karley's Brand Rep before, I was over the moon when I saw her passion and love for Jesus shine through her book!! 

With that, if you are a bride or you have someone close to you getting ready to tie the knot, get them this book! It honestly doesn't even matter if they're planning a rushed elopement like me, I think Karley's writing is a breath of fresh air in a culture that makes weddings all about how much money you can spend for a 24-hour event rather than creating a faith-driver partnership. With a heart full of Jesus and a talent for written word, Karley Kiker should definitely be on your watch list for rising authors! 

Learn more about Karley and purchase Hitched in a Hurry here!

Words That Hurt, Words That Heal - Carole Mayhall

This book should be a required reading for every Christian! Carole Mayhall changed my life with this book because I have always been someone who struggles (and still does) with how to say the appropriate thing in the appropriate tone. In a short 128 pages, Words That Hurt, Words That Heal teaches us how to use God's wisdom in every kind of setting- Whether it's handling gossip, giving correction, talking to your significant other, or giving praise, this amazing book gives insight and example to help guide us in being effective, loving communicators. Our tongue has always had a reputation for getting us backed into a bad corner, but after reading this book I can say that my ability to "speak Truth" has been multiplied beyond my wildest imagination! 

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Girl Meets Change - Kristen Strong



I hate change. I'm the first one to admit that, and I'm the first one to dig my feet in at the first sign of it... However, Girl Meets Change written by Kristen Strong gave me some much need insight and perspective into how God uses change for our benefit. When I read this book, I was going through a time where change was necessary (yet scary), and Kristen's wisdom helped me to see how God moves in our lives and in our seasons, even when we drag our feet. With a focus on acknowledging God's constant presence and glorifying Him through even the hardest challenges, Kristen Strong helps readers to realize the areas where we may need to let God do what He does best... Change us! 

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